Cannabis News Roundup 22 January 2021


Photo by Cambridge Jenkins IV on Unsplash

Here is a roundup of some of the most engaging national cannabis news stories and local cannabis and CBD deals for Boston and beyond

Happy Friday. 21+ Only, Please!

M - Medical Use, R - Recreational Use aka Adult Use

Mass Cannabis Control Commission Site.

Deals + …Doggs?

  • M - Double Points and $35 Artist Edition Double Cream Jars at Mayflower Allston

  • M - Ace Weidman’s Cooking Ounce & Session Pouch Deals $15 off at RevClinics

  • M + R - Top Pick - Original Glue APEX 850mg Cartridge at NETA Brookline. Order after 7 pm to pick up Adult Use orders the next day

  • Hot Dogs - “Snoop. Snoop-A-Loop!!! Bring Your Green Hat!” While we can all agree that Tha Doggfather is easily the worst early Snoop Dogg album, we can also all agree that The Dogfather is the best “Extreme Food Truck” in Worcester.

    WHO: The Dogfather comes to Resinate!
    WHAT: Try The Dogzilla – 2 dogs, shredded cheese, homemade chili, mustard, diced onions, and 🔥Andy Capp’s Hot Fries 🔥 wrapped in a tortilla and grilled. 🌭🌭 Double Up, indeed.
    WHEN: Friday, January 22 + Saturday, January 23 from 3 pm to 6 pm

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