Batman Was Right

February 2023

Revisiting my Claudia Christian (Commander Ivanova) DigBoston Interview at 10!
The AI voiceover works well for my latest piece.
For Significant Others, Family Members, Friends, Officemates, Boon Fellows.

January 2023

Are You Gunnin' With Gunn?
on the lost days that hold memory - the freshman chronicles

December 2022

Celebrating Stan "The Man" Lee on his 100th Birthday - The DigBoston Interview
...on New Year's Day. LIVE FROM THE MANTRY 2023 KICKOFF
This was an advertisement for a show I moderated. I no longer wish to address the show.
ChatGPT and The Lensa Problem
Make More of Your Art
MY LEGS! Digital Comics! Charley Crockett in Boston! Clerks III! Taming email!